EPC Company Promotes School Environmental Education


    As an environmental consulting company, Beijing EPC company has been actively engaged in the field of environmental communication and education. On the world environment day of June 5th, with the goal of "educating a child, influencing a family and driving the whole society", working together with Beijing Yizhuang Town Government, EPC company held the painting competition and environmental education activity in Yizhuang No.1 Central Primary School with the activity theme of “Beautiful Yizhuang is my home, I take the lead in environmental protection actions”.


    The painting competition inspired the students' emotion and enthusiasm of loving the environment and touching the Nature. The environmental protection lecture let the children understand that good environment needs our common protection, we need to start our protection activities from the small things around us, start from our campus and family life. At last, the activity organizers selected some excellent works from more than 100 paintings created by the students and presented awards.


    The whole activity was lively, scientific and interesting. Students learned more about the world environment day of June 5th and how to protect the environment in their daily life. Through the activity, students also improved their awareness of protecting the environment from the small things around them. The students said that in the future they would communicate environmental knowledge to their parents as the family publicists of environment issues and make contributions to environment protection together with their parents.