Environmental Stewardship Service


Environmental Stewardship Service is a new comprehensive environmental technical service launched by EPC company in response to the current domestic severe environmental pollution situation. EPC provides “one-stop” environmental stewardship services for industrial parks and enterprises including environmental laws and policies interpretation, environmental risk management, environmental equipment and facilities operation, pollutant emission compliance, application and follow-up management of pollutant emission permit, hazardous waste management, etc., to help the customers to reduce environmental risks while meeting the requirements of national and local environmental protection policies. The enterprises will gain a sense of profit and value by being given reasonable suggestions on equipment and facilities operation in order to reach the pollution emission standards as well as to save energy and reduce consumption.


The company's environmental stewardship service can be customized according to customer needs,including but not limited to the following:

ü  Providing consulting service of environmental protection affairs frequently encountered by enterprises, and consultation on application and handling process of environmental protection matters

ü  Conducting regular inspections for enterprises and forming inspection reports through monitoring and controlling pollution emission points, production process, pollution control facilities, emission compliance, online equipment, waste storage sites and other risk points

ü  Diagnosing environmental protection compliance of the enterprise and forming the first comprehensive compliance diagnosis report

ü  Conducting environmental risk and emergency investigation and forming the first comprehensive investigation report

ü  Providing follow-up management of pollution emission permit for enterprises, including standing book inspection, compliance evaluation and report formation

ü  Providing news bulletins which are including environmental laws and regulations,policy information, government funding opportunities, environmental accident information, policy interpretation and implementation situation.

ü  Providing customized environmental training by field professionals

ü  Supporting the development of annual hazardous waste management plan for enterprises

ü  Compiling annual environmental report for enterprises


Since EPC company was founded in 2014, the environmental stewardship division has provided services for a number of listed companies, corporations, state-owned enterprises and foreign capital companies. In the process, the division constantly improves its service level and capability, has developed Environmental Stewardship APP which could realize rapid and accurate diagnosis of corporate compliance and automatically generate inspection reports. These technical means not only improve the technical level of the environmental stewardship division, but also help customers keep abreast of environmental protection work of their enterprises.