Atmospheric Delicacy Management Solution

    The atmosphere division of EPC company is a new technology and consulting team which was gradually established in the process of solving problems for customers. The team cooperates with reputable field professionals to solve complicated atmospheric environment problem by using different atmospheric model tools.

   The atmosphere division could undertake various atmospheric research and consulting projects and provide prospective and professional services for customers in the following fields:

ü  Air pollutants inventories

ü  Air pollution sources analysis

ü  Forecast and early warning of regional ambient air quality

ü  Regional air quality compliance planning

ü  Analysis on atmospheric eco-environmental carrying capacity

ü  Atmospheric delicacy management

ü  Mobile pollution source monitoring

ü  Tracing of odor source

ü  Energy saving and emission reduction (VOCs, NOx, etc.)

ü  Atmospheric special research project

The atmosphere division of EPC company has completed the project of Air Quality Improvement Solution for Hohhot City, Air Pollutants Inventories of Daxing Distric, Investigation and Research Project on Contribution Rate of Diesel Vehicles to Air Pollution in Daxing Distric, etc.