Environmental Emergency Management Service


       Environmental emergency management service is one of key business areas of Beijing EPC company since the company was established. From the compilation of environmental emergency management plans to the implementation of environmental emergency drills, EPC company has achieved several domestic firsts in environmental emergency services, and supported the Ministry of Ecology and Environment to finish the file of Compilation Guideline of Environmental Emergency Plans for Oil and Gas Pipeline Emergency Events. After six years of accumulation, environmental emergency management service of EPC has been gradually systematized and become the company's classic service sector.

     With the idea of “scientifically responding to crises and calmly creating harmony”, the environmental emergency division of EPC company will provide customers with more professional and high-quality services in the following areas:

ü  Environmental emergency education and training

ü  Formulation of standards and regulations related environmental emergency management

ü  Environmental emergency informatization services

ü  Environmental risk assessment and environmental emergency management plan compilation

ü  Environmental risk identification and hidden danger investigation

ü  Environmental damage assessment

ü  Environmental liability insurance service

The environmental emergency division of EPC company has completed serval compilation work of environment emergency management plans including different project categories such as enterprises, oil and gas pipeline project, region and river basin. The division also successfully organized a number of regional joint environmental emergency drills and achieved good comments from customers.