Water Delicacy Management Solution


         As a professional team of water environment consulting service, the water division of Beijing EPC Environmental Consulting Co., Ltd. takes customer satisfaction as its service purpose and is committed to providing comprehensive water management services such as "inspection, testing, tracing, treatment and management" for government, industrial parks and enterprises, with the support of senior expert groups, research institutions and universities.

       The water division undertakes virous projects related water environment and mainly provides consulting services in the following fields:

ü  Investigating the discharges into rivers (lakes and seas) and pollution sources,establishing the records of “one outlet one file”

ü  Water quality cruise monitoring of unmanned surface vehicles (USV)

ü  Sentinel system for river inlets (lake and sea):multi-parameter automatic online monitoring

ü  Water quality simulation analysis

ü  Early warning of basin water quality pollution

ü  Providing pollution control plan of basin water environment

ü  Providing intelligent information platform service on water environment issues

ü  Undertaking special research projects of water environment

        The water division has completed a series of projects, including: Water Pollution Tracing Project of Mentougou District in 2017, Concealed Pipe Discharging Investigation Project of North Canal of Tongzhou Distirct, USV Cruise Monitoring in Tuohu Lake of Suzhou City, USV Cruise Monitoring in Jiaomen Waterway of Nansha District of Guangzhou City,USV Cruise Monitoring in Dongbao River of Shenzhen City, Automatic Online Monitoring Platform Installation Project for the sewage outlets of Shunyi Sewage Treatment Plant,etc.