Comprehensive Environmental Consultation

      As the core business department of Beijing EPC company, the comprehensive consultation division has a professional and reliable technical team and could provides customers labor-saving and high-quality service. The team members all have rigorous attitude, practical style, professional skills, honest and sincere principles and innovative spirits. In 2020, the comprehensive consultation division will continue to work with the expert group to provide professional environmental consulting services for customers.

      The comprehensive consultation division mainly provides services in the following fields:

1. Environmental Impact Assessment

ü  Project environmental impact assessment

ü  Planning environmental impact assessment

2. Environmental Checking and Completion Acceptance

ü  Environmental protection checking and acceptance of completed construction project

ü  Checking and acceptance of water pollution online monitoring system

ü  Checking and acceptance of continuous automatic monitoring system for flue gas from fixed pollution sources

3. Pollutant Discharge Permission

ü  Providing review and post-certification management service of pollution discharge permits for government

ü  Providing declaration of pollution discharge permits and compiling execution reports for enterprises

4. Soil Remediation

ü  Soil pollution investigation of construction land

ü  Soil pollution risk assessment of construction land

ü  Soil remediation for construction land

5. Other Services

ü  Ecological environmental protection planning and "Three Lines and One List"

ü  Environmental liability insurance

ü  Carbon verification and carbon trade

ü  Pollution damage assessment

ü  Clean production auditing


The comprehensive consultation division has made great contribution to the development of EPC company. Since 2014, the division has provided various consulting services for many enterprises and government at different levels and accumulated a lot of valuable experience.